Type and Sound

What are the essential elements that make a brand unique? How do you create bespoke tools that capture the imagination to engage audiences visually and emotionally? Siegel+Gale are hosting a unique event at the London Design Festival which combines type and sound to answer these questions. Our very own Bruno Maag will be speaking on how fonts can enrich a brand, and he will be joined later by Massive Music for a session on demystifying how sound enhances a brand experience.

Bruno will be telling us why he likes the world’s most controversial typeface, Comic Sans, and getting the audience to jump into a debate on typeface choice. What does your typeface reveal about you? What are the motivations for using a specific type style? Has the digital world created a new Wild West for fonts? He’ll also be asking what’s really important when it comes to choosing a typeface for branding and giving an overview of how a corporate typeface is born.

The event takes place at Soho House on 18th September, starting at 12.30pm. You can register for tickets at http://typeandsound.eventbrite.co.uk/

Thalia Teasdale


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