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Cordale Arabic


We’ve always described Cordale as a workhorse font, but perhaps that’s unfair to a font which is much more than that. It has an inherent beauty and strong features that give it a distinctive character. We’re now adding to Cordale’s appeal by expanding the font family to include Cordale Arabic.


cordale latin comparison

When we came to design Cordale Arabic, we knew that we wanted to keep the important features of Cordale’s persona so that the Arabic was recognisably part of the Cordale family. We continued Cordale’s distinctive serifs through to many of the Arabic ascenders and kept the open character shapes. All this makes Cordale Arabic a natural addition to the Cordale font family which works in harmony with the Latin script.

We had the pleasure of having Professor Rayan Abdullah consulting on the project to ensure that our Arabic characters were well formed and truly legible. His help was invaluable in ensuring that this script would be welcomed by native readers and was informed by the culture and history of Arabic type design.

cordale arabic_4

Rayan put Cordale Arabic to use in this publication titled “East West Culture”.

The Arabic is a contemporary Naskh style which fits well with the hardworking characteristics of the Latin, and is accepted across Arabic writing regions. Special attention was paid to how the Arabic and Latin scripts would work together when they need to be set in the same place. The x-height was enlarged over traditional Arabic proportions to maintain a balanced level of legibility with the Latin when used at small sizes.

qnb image 4

Qatar National Bank use Cordale Arabic for their corporate identity.

qnb image 5

Every detail of the Arabic script has been carefully considered to make it as legible as possible and it is ideal for use in magazines and newspapers. It has a contemporary feel to it that quietly gets on with the job of supporting modern brands and corporate identities. This is a font that can stand up to anything and will work hard doing it.

Cordale Development:

Download a PDF specimen here:
DM Cordale Arabic Specimen