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Two Nights in Vienna

Hi, I’m Lukas, and I’ve recently been appointed as Creative Director for Dalton Maag. I’ve been designing fonts with my colleagues here for a few years now, from London and Vienna – my home city.

I am very happy to announce that Bruno and I have been invited by the nice people of the tga, to hold a talk in their series “gespräche an der graphischen” on Wednesday, February the 20th. We will be talking “Business Beyond A to Z”, and will be giving the audience a few insights into our daily work with custom fonts. Hopefully we can spread our passion for letters. Come if you are based near Vienna, and interested in type design – we’d be very happy to see you there. You can get more information at typographie.com (German only).

20. 02. 2013 | 19:00 | Designforum Wien | Museumsquartier | 1070 Wien

On Thursday, the day after the talk, we’d like to take the opportunity to invite everybody interested in our work to our little office in Vienna. Maybe you’d like to drop by after work, have a glass of wine with us and chat about type.

21. 02. 2013 | from 18:30 | Liniengasse 2B (Gassenlokal) | 1060 Wien

Vienna Flyer

On The Front Line of Brazilian Font Design

Olá from Brazil. I’m Fabio Haag, Creative Director for the Dalton Maag Brazil office.


Brazil is now an expanding market for graphic and type design, and one which we’re very excited to be part of. Over the last few months we’ve been involved in some amazing Brazilian projects and been able to show that high quality type design is an important element in branding in South America. As much as we enjoy keeping our heads down and drawing letters, it’s also very rewarding to get out of the office and meet people to talk about type, life and caipirinhas.

Bruno and I recently did some travelling around Brazil, giving a number of different talks, open and private, formal and some very informal ones. In Porto Alegre and Rio de Janeiro, Bruno and I talked about how we can collaborate with graphic designers to achieve projects with higher typographic standards. Whilst in São Paulo, Bruno spoke about Nokia Pure, one of the most ambitious type design projects in recent history, and the challenges of creating a unified type design spanning 15 scripts.

The feedback that we got from these talks was overwhelmingly positive, and we were very impressed by the enthusiasm of our audiences. It was a real pleasure to be able to reach out to our friends in Porto Alegre, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and we want to thank ApDesign, ESPM, ADG and ESDI for their support in making this possible.

Stepping outside the office is a good exercise in shifting focus away from the day to day management of individual projects, to seeing the bigger picture. We are very happy with our success in Brazil and plans for an even bigger presence here are now on the horizon.