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Early Brochure – Practice Journal 2

Here we have some more material from our Archive. This is the second of two practice journals, produced in 2006 and designed by Mode. The first of which can be seen here.


Tim Janes

Early Brochure – Practice Journal 1

Hi, Tim here. I have been routing around in the Archive again and managed to dig out some more of our earlier publicity work. This is one of two practice journals that were produced to show off our custom font projects. Featured projects include fonts for Telewest and BMW Mini.

The Brochure was designed by Mode and released in 2002. If you like this then check out our first ever piece of printed publicity here.

Early Dalton Maag Brochure

Hi, Tim here. I’m Dalton Maag’s in-house graphic designer. Recently we have been exploring our huge archive of work. I managed to unearth this small red book, which was Dalton Maag’s very first printed brochure. It showcases some of our early projects, including logotypes, custom fonts and library fonts, such as Dedica.