Pure Klingon

Lumia920_klingon_900small01Nokia announced today that it has released another script, adding to the growing list of languages that we have designed for Nokia Pure. This language is a little bit more obscure than some of the others and you’ll have to travel a long way to find a native speaker. We’re very pleased to unveil Nokia Pure Klingon.

You can read more about this new addition to the Nokia Pure family, designed by Dalton Maag, at the Nokia branding blog: http://brandbook.nokia.com/blog/view/item80143/


One thought on “Pure Klingon

  1. Qov

    chung! DaHjaj qIDmeH tlhIngan Hol luwIv malja’ law’ ‘ach Qu’ lI’ bowIvta’ tlhIH ‘ej bota’ta’. ‘IH pIqaDraj ‘ej val. jIHvaD loQ Huj S, Q je, ‘ach vIyaj ‘ej wIvmeyraj vIvuv. bochenmoHmeH SuQubba’. peHem!


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