New Horizons for Effra

We’re constantly working to increase the coverage of our fonts, so that they cover more languages and become even more international. Effra is one of our most popular typefaces, with clean lines and a versatile range of styles, so we’ve increased the character set to include Greek and Cyrillic alphabets.

effra corp2

The Effra font family was named after the Effra river which runs through Brixton, the area of London which is home to our UK studio. It has its roots in one of the earliest sans serif designs commercially available, Caslon Junior, designed in 1816. We originally updated the design, and expanded it to take in our Standard character set. The brand new Corporate Edition of the font expands the character set further to add Greek characters, and an extended Cyrillic character set that includes Serbian alternates. This means that Effra can now speak to over 2 billion people using their native script system.

As usual, careful attention was taken to give the new scripts the same texture and feeling of the original Effra. For the Greek, for example, the letter ‘omicron’ may look like the latin letter ‘o’, but in fact it’s a touch more condensed. Because the Greek alphabet uses several round letters, we have to make them all a fraction narrower so they won’t run too wide on running texts. The x-height of the Cyrillic is slightly higher than in Latin and Greek, because of the busy and squarish nature of most Cyrillic lower cases. It’s all about matching the feeling and texture.

We know that a lot of people have been waiting for the new scripts for this font, so we’ve released this font unhinted and will be updating it to add the hinting in the near future. The update will be free to download for anyone who has already bought the Corporate edition.

effra corp


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