It’s never been easier to use our fonts

Developments in digital technology over the last few years have dramatically changed the ways in which fonts are used. Only ten years ago the main use for fonts was still in print, but today they’re first-and-foremost used in a digital world; fonts are now consumed beyond a user’s desktop computer or a company’s network server, on mobile phones, tablets, e-readers, watches, and wearables, drawing together content from websites, apps, and the cloud. In twelve months’ time we expect that our fonts will be commonly used in ways that we haven’t even thought of yet.

All of these developments have brought change to how customers access and use fonts. So it’s clear to us that traditional ways of licensing fonts, with licences that are not straightforward to understand or are difficult to administer, are misaligned with today’s user expectations. While some initiatives, such as cloud-based fonts, are offering an alternative, they still don’t fully satisfy customer needs. To address this we’ve reviewed our approach to licensing and now offer five simple, flexible, user-friendly licences.


Our most exciting innovation is that we now offer everyone the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ with trial fonts, functionally identical to the commercial versions, available under our new Trial Licence. This licence allows our fonts to be used in non-commercial pitches to clients, in testing, and in academic or student projects. When you’re ready to use the fonts for real, you just need to buy the appropriate commercial licence.


We have listened to customers who have told us they sometimes don’t need everything offered by the industry-standard minimum five-user licence, or by the all-in-one approach which our current licence brings to webfont use; they feel that they’re being forced to pay for things they don’t need. So we now offer a single user licence at a very affordable £15 per font style for all of our Single Edition fonts.

We have also listened to corporate customers who are looking for ultimate flexibility in how they can use our fonts. So we now offer a licence for any of our fonts that allows unlimited use within the organization with no limit on number of users, number of domain names, or number of apps, and with no time restrictions, for £9,375 per font style.

It is for digital media – websites and apps – that we make the biggest changes. We have heard from customers time and again how cumbersome it is to constantly monitor and report on visitor numbers and downloads. So we now offer Webfont and App licences that don’t rely on any traffic or distribution statistics, they’re priced according to the number of domain names or apps to be covered – there is no limit on downloads, visitor numbers, or page views. And to provide ultimate flexibility, the licences can be purchased annually, or in perpetuity.


Summary of Our New Licences

Trial Licence


End-User Licence

From £15 per font style for one user

Webfont Licence

£48 per font style per domain name for 1 year

£480 per font style per domain name, perpetual

App Licence

£48 per font style per app for 1 year

£480 per font style per app, perpetual

Unlimited Licence

£9,375 per font style for an unlimited number of users within your organization

Contact us for details of our Redistribution Licence, which allows you to distribute our fonts as part of a software application or hardware device and for bespoke solutions for licensing your suppliers and contractors all in one transaction.


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