From Graceful to Strong, the New Faces of Aktiv Grotesk

Aktiv Grotesk.

Since its release in 2010, Aktiv Grotesk has proven to be a successful grotesque design with a calm and confident voice. Now, eight new styles expand the range of expressions, from a beautiful Hairline to a bulky Black weight, with matching italics.

The Hairline weights elevate any message into a state of grace. Very delicate at medium sizes, the Hairline weights were designed to shine in big sizes, that allow them to reveal their careful refinement.The nature of very thin strokes means that there is no room for mistakes. Even the tiniest imprecision results in a visible error. The diagonals are particularly difficult to design, as the pixel grid system does not cope well with anything other than vertical and horizontal lines.

The Black weights, as the opposing side of the yin-yang of this font, deliver strong, loud and clear messages. White space is at premium on such dark letterforms and new challenges arise. Knowing where to compensate for the excessive weight, and by how much, is a constant issue.

If the user fancies something less extreme, new intermediate weights Thin and ExtraBold were designed to work with the already existing Light, Regular, Medium and Bold. With this comprehensive update, Aktiv Grotesk has become even more versatile.

You can see all eight new styles on our website.


3 thoughts on “From Graceful to Strong, the New Faces of Aktiv Grotesk

  1. silvia baz

    I love the type and I love the new DaltonMaag logo.
    I must say that the promo animation doesn’t do any justice to the great typography work that you do.


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