Early Brochure – Practice Journal 1

Hi, Tim here. I have been routing around in the Archive again and managed to dig out some more of our earlier publicity work. This is one of two practice journals that were produced to show off our custom font projects. Featured projects include fonts for Telewest and BMW Mini.

The Brochure was designed by Mode and released in 2002. If you like this then check out our first ever piece of printed publicity here.


3 thoughts on “Early Brochure – Practice Journal 1

  1. Bruno Maag

    Oh, I remember this project. On some of the pages black was printed three times, and at every print run some areas were knocked out to just give it a different shade of black which would become visible depending on how the light hit the page. On top of that Mode decided that a a grey print run would also be a good idea – which it was.

  2. Tim Janes Post author

    Yes the photos don’t really do it justice. The print job is really nice., rich blacks on slightly glossy paper with lots of tone in the grey scale images.


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