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2013 has been a memorable year for Dalton Maag, and for me personally. In July I took on the role of Managing Director, which has already presented me with new challenges and I’m sure will continue to do so in the year ahead. Bruno, in his new role as Chairman, has now taken a step back from the day-to-day running of the business so that he can focus more on our overall strategy and what our clients and customers need.

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David, our new MD, chats to Richard, our Operations Director

Dalton Maag has had a great year in font design, and we finish 2013 having created more typefaces for more clients than ever before. As I look at our list of current projects, there’s many that you probably already know about – our work for Nokia, HP, and others – but there are also many which we’re not yet ready to make public. Each one of these projects represents a close collaboration on a very human level between our font developers and the creative teams behind some of the world’s biggest brands.

I believe that typeface development is the most artistic science and the most scientific art there is. There is no other field in which aesthetics, psychology, and technology meet in such a subtle and creative way. Our font developers get to the heart of every brand, and I don’t think there’s another creative collaboration which is as close as the one we have with our clients.

I think that the most impressive part of our work is the alchemy which our font developers use to deliver culturally-sensitive, multi-script typefaces where script systems of disparate history come together. Creating fonts with the same appearance and tone, which look as if they came from the same hand, were created with the same tool, and are of the same intent, is a challenge that they take on with enthusiasm and never fail to deliver. In non-technical terms, you just can’t see the join.

We can’t wait to show you what we’re up to in 2014.

David Marshall
Managing Director

 A look back at the last 12 months in pictures:


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