Dalton Maag Help Michel Concentrate on New Logo

Dalton Maag have recently refreshed the logotype of Swiss fruit juice giant, Michel, building upon its previous much-loved and established script logotype. As part of the rework, the designers at Dalton Maag made the necessary refinements to the original whilst also preserving the heritage of the mark.

Michel original packaging

This historical Michel poster inspired the refinements

It was essential that the design retained the unique character of the original, but also moved it forward typographically. A script can infuse a logo with a freshness and vitality that type can often struggle to match, so approaching the brief from a lettering perspective was key to maintaining its spontaneity.

Michel in dev

Drawing in progress

We looked at harmonising the contrast in keeping with the angle of slant, which helped to create a fluid and pleasing rhythm across the letterforms. Connecting strokes were slightly thinned to sharpen the overall appearance, and hairlines have been made consistent in weight. The x-height and overshoot were also tempered to prevent individual characters from jumping above and below the baseline. Removing the bluntness of the original, the terminal of the c has been shaped appropriately for this kind of brush-inspired style and the shoulder of the h has also been contracted to avoid unnecessary white space. Additionally, The distinctive splayed M, which sets the tone of the mark, has been given subtle definition where the strokes meet to avoid blackness when reproduced at small sizes.

Michel Original-01

Current Michel logo

Michel New-01

New logo refined by Dalton Maag

The new design feels cleaner and more balanced without losing its hand drawn charm, and places the Michel brand in a strong position for the future.

Stuart Brown


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