Dalton Maag and Arphic Technologies collaborate on Latin-Chinese-Japanese font matching

Dalton Maag, international typeface designers, and Taiwanese font foundry, Arphic Technologies, announce a new business partnership that sees the two firms collaborating to bring to market a series of matched Latin-Chinese and Latin-Japanese fonts for customers seeking professional quality typefaces for use in print, display and digital environments. The first fonts to be released from the two libraries are a match between Dalton Maag’s best selling font, Aktiv Grotesk, and Arphic’s AR UDJingXiHei Global Font.

Driving this innovation has been Dalton Maag’s desire to provide a typographic solution to Western companies who recognise the importance of creating a coherent brand language to support their communications with Chinese and Japanese customers, employees and supply chain partners as they move into Asia Pacific markets.

Traditionally the only option open to an organization requiring a Chinese or Japanese font which fits perfectly with a Latin typeface has been expensive and time consuming. A custom solution can take between one and two years to implement and involves a high level of investment. Licensing an off-the-shelf font from one of the many Chinese fonts suppliers comes at a much lower cost but introduces a real risk to the company of brand disruption as the design of the Chinese or Japanese font will often not fit the Latin typeface well, visually. What we are offering here is a high quality solution which is possible on a restricted budget.

Dalton Maag has selected the most popular Latin font from its font library for which Arphic then found a close relative in their Chinese and Japanese designs, one that was already, in its foundations, a very close match to the Latin design. The metrics of the Latin characters were then carefully modified by Dalton Maag to match those of the Chinese characters. Arphic then undertook some minor detailing to introduce subtle changes into the Chinese typeface design to ensure a visual expression coherent with that of the Latin.

“AR JingXiHei is simple, sleek and and consistent and I felt that its look and feel captured the clarity and simplicity of Aktiv Grotesk and presented us with a perfect candidate for creating a natural extension to our best selling font”. Bruno Maag, Chairman, Dalton Maag.

Aktiv CJ slides Aktiv CJ slides5

Aktiv Hei Hans, Aktiv Hei Hant and Aktiv Gothic fonts are being offered under Dalton Maag’s simple licensing model already recognised by corporate clients in the UK, Europe and the USA for being competitively priced and for allowing very flexible usage in regards to installation within the enterprise, installation with distribution to third party suppliers and app usage.

This initial release of Aktiv Hei and Aktiv Gothic offers Chinese Simplified (Hans) and Chinese Traditional (Hant) and Japanese language support. The font packages each come in four weights: Light, Regular, Bold and Medium and each weight also includes the corresponding Aktiv Grotesk font.

As a font which already supports Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic and Hebrew, this combination with Arphic’s Hei and Gothic typefaces means that Aktiv Grotesk is well on the way to becoming a truly global font. There are plans to expand the weight coverage and further expand language support by introducing a matched Korean font.



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