Blenny Joins the Dalton Maag Library

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With summer in full swing here in the UK, it’s appropriate that the seaside is one of the inspirations behind the latest font to join our library. Blenny is a fabulously curvaceous fat face display font with elegant hairlines and exaggerated ball terminals. Conceptualized by our Font Developer, Spike Spondike, the design has a retro feel with lively and voluptuous curves. A true individual, Blenny is launching with support for two script systems, Latin and Thai.

Inspiration came from everywhere. Spike’s early sketches took ideas from her visits to the beach at St Leonards, on the South Coast of England, and encouraged her to play with a vintage, seafaring theme. Other influences included the retro typefaces used on old electronics equipment and gin bottles.

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As international type designers, we decided to include a non-Latin script in the initial launch of Blenny. It was Spike’s previous experience of working with Thai, and a trip to Bangkok, which prompted her to connect the diversity of shapes in the Thai script with the design of Blenny. Spike relished the challenge of creating the Thai glyphs whilst maintaining the key features of Blenny’s design. Creative decisions on the Thai in turn led back to refinements to the original Latin.

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The font includes a large number of ligatures to ensure that the tight spacing works for every letter combination. Individual glyphs such as the “a” seem to wrap around themselves in a hug, creating something that’s visually very pleasing. With its soft curves and retro feel it is perfect for branding, bold headlines, or product labels.

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Our Chairman, Bruno Maag, loved the design from the minute he laid eyes on it, and says he’s considering having a tattoo done in the font to mark its release. We’ve also been celebrating our new addition by creating the Blenny gin cocktail – just like the font it’s named after, a Blenny is bold, punchy, and has a touch of class.

35ml gin
15ml green chartreuse
1 piece of cucumber
Whole lime
10ml sugar
Shake and double strain into a highball with ice. Top with soda.
Garnish with a dash of Angostura bitters.
Created by – Byron Knight, Off Broadway

Licences for Blenny can be bought from the Dalton Maag website.

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