A Celebration of Type in Brazil

Between March 19th to 25th, Brazilian typophiles were lucky to experience the biggest type event in all Brazilian history. TPC10 was a celebration of the 10 years of Tipocracia – an educational project, headed by Henrique Nardi, that travels throughout Brazil promoting the typographic culture with lectures and workshops.


The audience was practically breathing type with a total of 19 guests, coming from Argentina to The Hague, in a series of talks, panels and workshops. My colleague, Fernando, and I were invited to talk about the new corporate typeface we designed for Petrobras, the largest company in Brazil. It was a real pleasure to shed light on such an important project, and take the audience through its development step by step, which answered a very complex briefing.

Pages from Petrobras_TPC10_Release

Over the nights, there were Type&Beer sessions, encouraged by Tony De Marco and myself. These were to alleviate the information overload of the day and test the guests’ calligraphic abilities after several beers and cachaça bottles.

I began my interest in type almost at the same time that the Tipocracia project came to life, and I can guarantee that the hard work that Henrique Nardi has put into this has had a tremendous impact on forming the typographic culture we have here today. More than an event for the community, TPC10 was a real celebration of Tipocracia’s proposition: happy anniversary!

Fabio Haag


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