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Dalton Maag introduces single editions and simplified pricing

We have consolidated the Editions within our font library; each font is now distributed as a Single Edition, with all of the language coverage and typographic support available for that design delivered in a single file.


We have also introduced a new pricing structure, with all fonts at the same price of £48 per font style for a 5-user licence.

If you have previously purchased font licences you will now also have download access to the equivalent Single Edition file. There is no charge for this update, and there will be no charge for any future additions, features, or technical updates within the Single Edition model.

Why are we doing this?

Our customer base operates in international markets and often has need for different writing systems within one project, for instance the languages of Western Europe plus Arabic. Although they are keen to use matching fonts, customers cannot always justify the additional cost and so are forced to resort to an approximate match for which they already hold a licence.

Our Single Editions will help more of our users to use the right font every time, and at no extra cost.

“It has long been bugging me that someone who wants to use a writing system other than Latin should have to pay more for the privilege. So, it is for this reason that we have introduced this new practise. Anyone can now enjoy the fonts designed by Dalton Maag for one single price, irrespective of the number of languages supported. This will see us fulfilling an ambition as a design business, simplifying both the process for licensing fonts as well as the logistics of font distribution. We do this in the strong belief that font licensing should be as simple as possible, and inclusive, acknowledging the global nature of our customer base and creating equality between the different global regions.”   Bruno Maag, Chairman.

new licensing slides (old site-01


What should I do if I already own a license to a Standard, Corp, Arabic, Typographic edition?

If you have previously licensed one of our fonts you will find the new Single Edition already in your downloads area. This edition may have different naming when installed, so documents and templates created previously may need to be updated.

You can see our new editions at

Oscine – New font from Dalton Maag

Today sees the launch of Dalton Maag’s Oscine, a new sans serif display font family with a geometrical design expression and a condensed feel. It combines quirky lowercase characters with more conventional capitals, and has exactly the right amount of character.Oscine web (1)

Oscine can have a very different feel depending on whether only the lower or uppercase is used, or the two are used together. If designers choose to only use the uppercase then the font is serious and hard hitting, behaving like a traditional grotesque. If they opt for including the lowercase then its personality becomes more playful and distinctive. This makes Oscine a very flexible display font that can be used in a wide variety of situations.

Oscine Quotes-01

The condensed proportions and high x-height make it a great choice for wayfinding, while refined draughtsmanship, shortened descenders and a strong personality ensure its suitability for headlines and titles. An unconventional lowercase gives Oscine its instant recognition factor. The characters are bold in their execution and the missing tails and spurs on selected letters (a, b, d, p, and q) render them delightfully idiosyncratic.

Oscine web (8)

Originally designed for low resolution TV screens by Bruno Maag and Ron Carpenter, Oscine has been tweaked and optimised for today’s print and high resolution digital environments. It is level one hinted, covers an extended Latin character set, and is available in two weights, a regular and bold. The weight differentiations are subtle, and carefully set for maximum impact at large sizes.

Oscine is available to purchase at