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A Touch of Elegance for Faena

For our first blog post about our work, we thought we’d talk about one of our favourite projects from 2012, Faena. With a fearsome reputation for stunning hotel design, the Faena Group needed to complete their brand identity by updating their corporate typography with a new display font. Their original choice of font, Bodoni, simply didn’t convey their unique sense of style, or their art and design credentials. The Faena Group was founded by Argentinian fashion designer Alan Faena, who, with Philippe Starck, brought his love of fine design and creativity to the group’s first hotel in Buenos Aires. Dalton Maag were very pleased to be able to work closely with the Faena Group to establish what they needed from their new font, and how it would fit with the elements of their existing identity.


feana logo


The starting point for the design was the Faena logo, which went on to inspire the main elements of the typeface. A serifed font design fitted with the logo and seemed to be the most logical option for a font that had to convey elegance, luxury and refinement. It also had to be a contemporary design that wouldn’t look dated in years to come, so this font had to be able to tick a number of boxes for our client. The logo itself was also refined to bring out its personality and give it a more contemporary feel.


faena imagery2


The final design is a beautiful combination of digital functionality and elegant serifs, making use of playful features to give the font more interest. As this is a display font that will be primarily used on the Faena website, its contrast was decreased slightly compared to the previously used font, making the hairlines a little heavier, so that its appearance on the website will be enhanced. A set of elegantly thin ligatures add to the perfection of this font’s refined beauty and give it a special personality all of its own.

You can see the font in action on the Faena website.

faena imagery4



intro post header

Welcome to our new Dalton Maag blog, which is replacing the Infoletters that we’ve sent out for many years. The blog will give us an opportunity to communicate more spontaneously and more regularly on developments at Dalton Maag, and create a more personal insight into how we work here. All our staff are being encouraged to contribute articles on projects they work on, and share experiences and passions.

I hope you will enjoy our new blog and find it interesting and stimulating. We aim to inform and provide you with the inside story of our practice, but also to stir debate and raise questions. As we’re embarking on new adventures for 2013 we’ll keep you up to date on our journey.

We wish you a happy and prosperous 2013.
Bruno Maag
Dalton Maag Ltd